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    I'm a bit taken aback by this to be honest and i speak as someone who has put in hundreds of hours to BC2. I'm playing the 360 version and if this beta is at all representative of the final state of things it's rather worrying. There is so much tearing and general bugginess and in particular the destruction appears to be far more inconsistent than in BC2 - i've been shooting all sorts of things with RPGs that in BC2 would have been vaporised - interior walls in the buildings of the final outdoors section for example - and which do not register damage at all. It seems that the game is struggling with an engine that the console can't fully cope with unfortunately. Though there have been moments of brilliance and moments when it looked just superb, I think that this game is going to go a long way to exposing the tech gulf between where we are now with consoles and where the PC is - a good argument for bringing on the next gen, i say.

    Completely agree with this, especially the bit about the tearing. I can only imagine it is going to become worse when you have tanks, helicopters and jets whizzing about on bigger maps. The engine just seems to be very creeky on the 360.

    Also, when you start shooting at someone and they immediately just lie down it's irritating, forgot you couldn't go prone in BC2. Think like you said, it might just be too ambitious a game for the console, and I can't imagine the quality of the game is going to improve dramatically before it is released.

    IT'S A FRICKIN BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS WILL YOU BLOODY LISTEN? JESUS CHRIST, MARY AND JOSEPH.

    I don't mean to act like a troll. I love BC2 and have put in about 200+ hours online. I was just wondering what you thought they might fix in a beta that is pretty much about to go gold?
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