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    ecureuil wrote:
    Schmove wrote:

    I get the point you're making, I honestly do. But then you could say that with all the hype would they really put out something so unpolished this close to release when they are trying to win over the COD crowd?

    I really want to love this game, and maybe I will, I'm not one to be this or that when it comes to games, I just wanted to add my own opinions, and so far I'm just a bit 'meh'.

    Yeah it's absolutely nuts that they've put this out with only a month to go. Good GameFAQs post.

    That actually just reminded me why I tend to read the forums here! To be honest, if this was my first experience of battlefield games I'd probably think it was pretty good, but after the excellent BC2 on consoles this just seems a bit broken. But I guess the biggest thing I can really say is that this thing has gone from a day 1 purchase to a wait and see for me, which I'm surprised about.
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