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    @polaris70 - sorry, but that card is pretty low end, even though it is only a year old. I'm no great shakes on the inner workings of PCs but a current 'budget' gaming card that'll run BF3 at an acceptable level of eye-candy will probably cost you about 90. But then you have to start figuring out various compatibility issues with your motherboard and power supply, and whether your cpu is up to the job... And then realise why console gaming is so convenient and we're back to your point about new gen consoles!

    FWIW, I've played the beta on my PC, and it looks very nice but after playing all my online shooters on the PS3 for the last 3 and a bit years, I just could not get on with the whole keyboard and mouse thing - I'm just too lazy to relearn those skills. Also, once the bullets starts flying and my heart starts pumping, I'm too busy trying to survive to stop and admire the pretty textures.

    I'm loving the game so far - glitches and occasional weirdness aside. The beta has done what it was supposed to for me - whetted my appetite for the main game. Pre-order is in.
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