#8027807, By BiffTanner Battlefield 3 - Gaming/online chats times (pew pew)

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    Yeh my squad with you Acid didn't work when we played but if any of you chaps are on it later I will give it a try and see if I can get some of my good luck from yesterday carry on.

    ecureuil only things I can think of to suggest so far apart from the basics like using the spot button if you don't already (back/select button), if you start getting shot at try and hit the deck or go around some terrain or objects to break a spot someone may have on you as it now disappears once you get behind some cover.
    If your a support or assault try and drop some health/ammo near a choke point so if your guys get stuck or already are they have more chance to push up.
    Also keep an eye out for the glint coming off a snipers' scope to as usually with burts of 1 or 2 shots you can take them down as long as they aren't looking right at you to start with.

    Its best to play with others really and see how they play but with the squad system a mess atm its not as easy :(

    Theres no way to invite peeps once your in game that I know of, I have tried to invite people in a party in but either it hasnt worked or they decided not to try.
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