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    Anyone else finding the menus are absolutely fucking terrible with the visual static blur going off constantly? It makes it impossible to scroll options and actually look at what you're doing, I have to look away it's that bad.

    So on Xbox, apparently it seems you don't install Disc 1 via dashboard as normal, I ran it and got horrible disc spin up which shouldn't happen. Uninstalled it, installed Disc 2. Ran that and then it prompts to install the content from 1. Only after that did Disc 2 quieten down.

    This is not looking like a great launch. I know the multi is great from the beta, but servers going down with EA's clout is unforgiveable. Why does this have to happen every time - the beta was meant to stress test but obviously not in reality. It's a popular game, the servers are going to get hammered. Be Prepared? No? Eh.

    Would have been nice to have an option at least to keep beta unlocks. Probably still would have opted to reset. UMP is pretty much king and needs nerfing if the beta is anything to go by.

    Were we meant to get some content for pre-ordering? Physical pack? Didn't get it.

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