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    @AcidSnake - Spotting is way more responsive than it was in BC2. It's how it should be, better detection, less fussy.

    The marks do disappear instantly if they take cover or move out of your LOS but they reappear if you see them again.

    Weird thing that I swear was in the beta was a 'press X to see more detail' on every kit item and weapon. It loaded a nice screen up with a high res image and detailed info text. Not sure why they dropped it.

    I reckon picking the best camo for a map will become a minor edge. I remember dominating in MW2 when I had desert wookiee camo on those eastern maps, same here (though no more wookiees :( ). And what about the Spec Ops full black ninja kit? I guess that's five star general rank or whatever, it'll dominate CQB on night maps.

    The Specact camo for Assault and Engineer is quite nice.
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