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    oceanmotion wrote:
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    Any fellow colour-blind sufferers out there? - Is it me or are the green red icons even harder to tell apart than on default in BC2?

    Hope they patch in an option to tweak the colours sometime in the future so you can better distinguish between enemies allies. I think it was an option in BC2 - seems silly to remove that option :|
    The game is a light on customisation. Blue and Orange for us. The friendly tag is too hard to see and I'm sure it doesn't pop up quick enough. That millisecond of thinking enemy or friendly leads to death very easily, for me at least. Is there friendly fire ?
    Friendly fire is an option on each server I think - but it is normally turned off.

    When you say "Blue and Orange for us" do you mean there is a way to alter the colour between blue/orange? I cant count the amount of times I've thought an enemy is a friendly green, only to be shot (and vice versa) - thats my excuse for my poor K-D ratio anyway! :)
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