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  • SBfistfun 1 Nov 2011 21:37:59 190 posts
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    'll invite you dude.

    It's got to be better than the game I've just had, where I actually trapped one of my squad mates in the corner and he couldn't get past me. I had just killed four people while he watched, and I was out of ammo. I had 9 rounds left. I jumped up and down and shot them at him, repeatedly spamming the request ammo button, and he just didn't fucking get what was going on.

    I managed to kill one more with my pistol, then down a heli with my stingers, but FUCK, how hard can it be to press the fucking button to drop ammo when presumably there's a massive prompt on your screen telling you what to do. Jesus!

    Thanks Simps! I've noticed nobody really seems to drop ammo. Last night I was trying my best to defend against choppers and jets with the stingers but nobody else was bothering and nobody else was dropping ammo either.

    I ended up one angry/dead brillCubes!

    Still fun though, even if I am running round like a headless chicken at the moment...
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