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    1. Two weeks in, is online multiplayer really as good as it's made out to be, or are flaws and 'issues' becoming apparent as the days go by?

    It's not perfect by any means. There are usual Frostbyte bugs of odd clipping, strange hit detection and such. However, they're not that big of a deal and rarely game changing. Gameplay related issues, there are some cheesy tactics, which will probably kill you once and you'd vow not to get them again. Stuff like flashlights blinding you in broad daylight are annoying but I'm finding a bit rarer as the days go by and learning to just keep the trigger down if I do get blinded.

    2. It's not a campers paradise, is it?

    I've noticed less campers than BC2. The "sway" added to sniping has put a lot of people off sitting half the map away and trying to get headshots. Also the glare the sniper rifle gives off makes them easier to spot.

    3. Can it be a deeply frustrating experience? What I mean is do the positives outweigh the negatives?

    I think they do. It's compulsive and there will probably be a few times you want to throw the controller through the screen but for the most part it's lots of fun.

    4. What are the connections like? Match balancing, host migrations etc.

    The are dedicated servers with a server browser to join which one you like (or just quick match). The connections are fine for me for the most part. On some of the bigger maps I've gotten a big of jumpy lag, although I've not noticed it as much in recent days. The teams are usually balanced out at the end of a round so there are even teams, so you might find that the guy who was killing you over and over in your squad the next map. I think it works OK, but can still give the odd base rape.

    5. Other than aesthetics and gameplay changes/additions, is it a discernibly different experience to Bad Company 2? Would you say it's even a lot better than it?

    It's not THAT different. It's definitely an evolution rather than revolution. A lot better? Hmm, its hard to say. I know a few friends who prefer BC2 still but I think a lot of it is rose tinted glasses - knowing the maps, having more unlocked etc. Personally apart from a couple of annoying maps I like them more than BC2, but I think a lot comes down to personal preference.
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