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    psychokitten wrote:
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    psychokitten wrote:
    Quick poll. You find an enemy spawn beacon, do you:

    A) Destroy it, and go for the objective
    B) Camp behind it just to quickly keep knifing people that spawn
    No idea what an enemy spawn beacon is because this game explains NOTHING. It's quite unbelievable how hard this is for someone who's never played CoD before, and I really think it's pretty shocking that DICE haven't been penalized for this. It's a great game, but probably the most complex one I've played recently. I still can't find a single definitive webpage to read to find out about what the fucking hell is going on, or what you guys are talking about, and I think that's a bit inexcusable.

    /whinge over.
    It could have done with a tutorial, or training ground where you can play until you're a few levels up, where it has tooltips for everything. I think as BF veterans we take for granted that there's so much going on and it's hard to know what everything is :(

    The Spawn Beacon is a little box with an antenna beside it, that makes a loud beeping sound. If it's a friendly one, it's marked with a blue indicator on your map. Basically if someone in your Squad (who is/was Recon) sets one up, you can choose it as an option to spawn from, like it lists it as a player (but with the name Spawn Beacon).

    If you find one that isn't marked, you just see a little box with antenna and it's beeping, shoot it to destroy it, as it's an enemy one!

    FWIW, crouching behind a beacon to get cheap kills on anyone that is spawning (instead of destroying the beacon) is really really lame.
    The fact that it was someone from EG made it even lamer.
    Noo my secret shame, that was me ! :(
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