#8157293, By DeltaBravoNiner Battlefield 3 - Gaming/online chats times (pew pew)

  • DeltaBravoNiner 9 Nov 2011 09:10:10 647 posts
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    Yeah I get that a lot too Bravo, I am on a fairly poor ADSL connection in comparison to some of the cable / fibre speeds available. Sometimes, even at close quarters I'm thinking I should be registering hits but still seem to get killed fairly swiftly in the return fire. If I can't see because of all the blur while I'm being shot, surely that should be happening to them too? I can only say if they can take aim and kill me after I've initiated fire, then I cant be registering hits... maybe down to lag?

    But I also put it down to my being a bit rubbish (personally).
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