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    Tryhard wrote:
    And those pesky Littlebirds landing at flags on Canals.To be met by
    a well placed shell from C to B.They are like little insects buzzing at
    my tank armour.Then I pull out the HMG coaxial,reverse back.And down
    that bitch,or put the pilot in a panic to crash.

    Tip.Scout heli pilots,do not anger tank drivers go for infantry.
    I just unlocked the HMG coaxial recently - tho I'm still trying to work out its advantages/disadantages. It seems less effective against infantry - so is it meant for the light armoured vehicles like coptors as you hint at?

    Assume the main gun is still better for other tanks though?

    As an aside, you know the detailed unlock decription/picture you get at the end of the round - there doesn't seem to be an option to view these again unless i'm being stupid(they areappreviated under ciustomise)? On BC2 it used to be under the tab for "gadets and weapons"

    Swear I've missed important descriptions that would help me understand weapons like the HMG, whilst running for a toilet break between rounds! Would be good to read them again when forgetful too! :)

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