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    AcidSnake wrote:
    Yeah, that makes sense, but I meant in game in fact...

    I saw Brett in another squad and wanted invite him to mine as I had room but couldn't...

    Also yesterday on Seine Crossing I knifed that mortaring fucker...
    In game you can invite someone, as you said, using the XMB. One of the little boxes at the bottom should allow you to invite someone - hopefully they end up in your squad. It is slow though.

    If you and a friend are in the wrong squads in the same team, then I usually just message my friend saying "join Charlie" for instance, if someone is in it. Or we both leave a squad and it "should" automatically place you in a squad together.

    As someone said earlier, a future update will allow people to join an empty squad, so at least then we'll be able to invite friends to certain squads.
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