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  • tictac132 8 Dec 2011 11:31:01 100 posts
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    Had an immense game on everybody's favourite map last night Metro!

    We ended up winning by 5 tickets!
    Initially we held the first two points and were about 60/70 tickets ahead when the enemy managed to overrun B and hold the first two points themselves. We were on the ticket office side, so were pinned down easily. It looked like we'd lose.
    By doing A LOT of revives, me and my squad managed to break through one side and place a mobile spawn too.
    We had fewer tickets left, about 60-90, so it was a race right to the end. The last 30 seconds had the tickets at 7-6.
    Amazing game on that map for once!

    On another note, I haven't had the chance to play B2K yet can anyone confirm for me whether Wake is 3 or 5 flags on Conquest?
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