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    I think a lot of people are just expecting to jump in and dominate everyone because they've played BC1/2 BF2

    I agree with you for the most part, but there are a couple of maps that I can understand why people say the game is "CODified". The new maps do contain more roof jumping, particularly Strike at Karkand (I think) that one is very open with plenty of levels and buildings to hide in or destroy.

    I really hope DICE throw in a few 32 player servers just to see how it goes. Rush on a 32 player server on Caspian or Kharg would be awesome. But somehow I think it unlikely as I have a suspicion that more players per match on console will be Battlefield 4's big bullet/selling point.
    While I also hope they try some 32-player servers, I agree that it won't happen. I also think they're saving it for BF4 which is likely to be on the next-gen consoles. If the next game doesn't have 32 player, it will be without excuse.

    So, PS3 players, are people quitting from maps if they're not getting the new ones?
    You can still easily get into full games, but I would say people are quitting maps to play the new ones. My basis for that is the fact I'm doing the same.
    I know it's annoying, but I want to play the new ones for a day or two and then I'll play the full rota.
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