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    phoopipe wrote:
    I have become addicted to the MAV.

    I have only had 20 or so kills in the last five hours of play but for some reason im enjoying spotting more than shooting people in the face, even though im playing with randoms my team is more often than not winning (although it could be a lucky run).
    Love watching a team go attack a flag then spotting everybody and watching the carnage unfold.

    Its almost pervy :(
    I've enjoyed using the MAV too. It can make the T-UGS useless imo as you can plant the MAV somewhere and just leave it.

    The MAV is ridiculously good on Tehran conquest as well. I had more than 1500 points with 0-0 k/d. Only reason I play recon now as I've had a good run of wins with it.
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