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    AcidSnake wrote:
    I've had the same problems which gallow has had...Shoot guy, get a nice hitmarker, have him turn round and one shot me and see his glorious 100% health...Which is really weird...
    Whatever made him turn around should've at least done some damage?
    Only the B2K servers though...Probably netcode...very annoying nonetheless

    The new maps are better than the old ones, but still the destruction of Frostbite 2 is either turned down to avoid glitches or much less impressive than BC2...I loved the fact that in that game I could run up to any building, use my noob tube to make my own door, jump in, kill the confused dudes inside and arm the MCOM...Here it's hit and miss and often I'll run up to a wall, use my noob tube and smack headfirst into the (now slightly blackened) wall...

    It also seems to enjoy dumping me into the team with the numbered level players facing a whole pack of eagle emblem dudes...

    Armed myself an A MCOM yesterday on Sharky and no defenders showed up to try and disarm then suddenly found one casually sniping right next to it after it had blown up...took the tags and got me some Gitsome UK

    Has anyone noticed that whenever you enter the game a voice plays (usually "enemy has set the charge
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