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    ecureuil wrote:
    Anyone play this game solo? Any tips? ie. what's the best class, tactics. By solo I mean just going online on your own and joining a random squad without using voice comms.

    I play multiplayer with friends and it's great, but whenever I'm on my own it's awful. I end up in shitty teams all the time, 50% of all games I join, I can't get out of my own spawn. People let vehicles overrun them and make no attempt to stop them. I'll end up switching over to engineer to help solve the problem myself, but it's usually futile.

    Also, what's the best way to get knife kills? It seems that whenever I go to knife someone, they turn around as I approach them. I want that sniper rifle!

    Finally, will they ever fucking fix that suppressed M9 bug. It makes me rage. :)
    I play solo all the time, but I'm pretty crap so I've no amazingly worthwhile tips. I don't seem to get as many games where my team is being spawn camped, or where the teams are half empty as you seem to. I just try and get something out the game even if I'm on a shite team; I just keep plugging away trying to play the objective and be useful even if it's ultimately to no avail. If I join a round that's clearly a lost cause I'll often try a new weapon or play a class I don't normally go for to see if I can try find a different way of approaching things that ends-up being useful.

    Edit: I usually play Assault or Engineer as it generally seems like I can contribute something on pretty much all the maps then. Hardly ever play Recon, just can't seem to get a handle on it and I can't snipe for toffee.

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