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    I still think this will get better with time. I'd say Rush highlights flaws in the game/maps and player choices more than Conquest will.
    In conquest, one player won't win a match, but can have a big influence. Whereas in rush, you need virtually the whole team playing properly with a good spread of classes.

    But we had this same problem in BC2 rush in the first few months. For the past year though, rush on BC2 was amazing because things were more balanced, people knew various tactics that both sides could use and would therefore equip appropriately to counter them.

    I think a lot of people are still learning different tactics on BF3 maps. And certain rush maps are really unbalanced. Noshahr Canals being one of the strangest for me if you have a half decent player in the AA vehicle, the air vehicles for the attackers are next to useless, forcing everyone on the ground to attack head on only.

    I'm still confident it will all level out though...eventually. :confused:
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