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    @apostle Yeah, Harvest Day, Valpariso and Laguna Presa were my favourites in fact all the maps that didn't force you to attack in straight lines. I think as BC2 was designed for consoles, the rush maps reflect that.
    I think the maps that come closest to working as rush maps are Caspian, Damavand and the Karkand maps.

    In fact, the Karkand maps work better as rush than conquest imo. Caspian is quite open except the first two mcoms. Damavand is good, but the mcom in the warehouse after the big jump is ridiculous to get.

    @DDB I have seen a video showing a defib kill though, I'm sure. It took a few attempts, but eventually it worked you have to hit a "sweet spot" apparently. Not worth doing in a proper game.
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