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    :/ I ventured into the HC world for the first time the other night. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be HC camping to match the server mode but people were much more mobile than I expected.

    Unfortunately, I did manage to get a team kill under my belt. In my defense, I didn't really have any idea that team killing was enabled in HC. It makes sense now, and I think I probably did know in the back of my mind but at the time I really wasn't thinking about it.

    Anyway, the game continued and I didn't do it again and the round finished. The next map came along and the round started and I was team killed within 3 or 4 seconds after spawning in. I figured OK, someone's just opened fire right after they spawned in - I know I occasionally, absent mindedly, spam buttons while I'm waiting for rounds to begin - so thought nothing of it, regardless, he revived me anyway so no great loss. I run off and get on with my game. Eventually I die, Re-spawn and a few moments later I'm team killed again. Same name in the kill feed then he revs me and kills me again!. I can't be sure but I think it could have been the guy I TK'd in the previous round and he may have had an issue and was trying to get his point across. Or he was just being a twat...
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