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    ecureuil wrote:
    Apparently the blue tint has been reduced a lot. Can any PS3 folks confirm that?
    I'm not sure about the blue tint really - I never really noticed / found it annoying - but what I can say, overall is that the UI seems to be a little punchier. Everything seems to be clearer, the contrast between elements seems stronger some how, text 'pop's' a little more than before. Reading the HUD and in world icons is far easier now too. Basically, it's all received a further level of polish that was needed to give the whole thing that final boost.

    In general terms, the patch seems to have sorted the game out no end. USAS & Frag's are beyond useless at anything outside 5 - 8 meters (YAY!) Death by FAMAS doesn't seem quite so prevalent, although that could be down to one of the most noticeable differences - The Recoil. Jeebus, it's a completely different beast now. ALL guns seems to be effected and during full auto fire, it's really quite a challenge to stay on target now as the recoil has the muzzle of the gun bouncing up, down, left, right. It's great actually, but quite surprising. The Foregrip, in particular, has been adjusted, in so much as, hip fire with it equipped makes getting kills tough. Aimed fire gets a boost of course, but hip fire is a different story.

    As a way of getting used to things again, I'm going to remove all attachments and systematically add each bit to see their effects. The change to the gun play, at first, it really quite dramatic but in a good way. Making it that bit tougher to kill means when you do, it feels that bit more rewarding.

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