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    Just a quick one re: Matchmaking. For whatever reason - players returning or the matchmaking actually working now - since the patch the games, overall, have been amazing.

    Last night, myself and some of the other BTH guys had probably the best run of games since release. Four or five rounds of super close games where almost every crate was destroyed with a single or no ticket(s) remaining, or rounds of conquest where the action never stopped and both teams fought, out in the open, to the very last kill.

    Overall, I'm noticing a lot more clans in servers - two, three people with the same clan tag, even up to six+ in some cases. Which for me and the other BTHers had been a bit of an issue. Until the patch 90% of games just descended into easy mode - AKA Spawntrapathons, as just having 2 or 3 people working together made all the difference against teams made up entirely of randoms.

    Basically, when I play it's normally with a few other FL players as well and having randomly assigned competition that can compete with us blow for blow, is fantastic. The objective game modes come alive and have had the kind of frantic, manic action that, unfortunately, only TDM seemed to offer, pre-patch.

    As I said, it could be that people are playing again after the patch or that the matchmaking is working better now. Whatever the reason is, on the whole, the games are brilliant right now. I only hope in continues!
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