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    Alastair wrote:
    OOB is OOB for a reason. If a tank or chopper is spawned there then you shouldn't exploit a glitch to get it. It's the same as the USAS Penis glitch, and the new DART Penis glitch.
    To my knowledge the USAS wasn't a glitch, more just overpowered. It's the whole 'if it's in the game, then it's legit' style argument. DART is actually a glitch as it's using the damage values for the attached gun by mistake. Anyway!

    Out of interest, with your reasoning, would you say that running around OOB areas to go behind people (Seine) or run out to stab spawn campers (Tehran) is also not acceptable. Or even, say your get shot down in a plane and you fall into OOB, are you not allowed your 10 seconds to run back to the map?

    I hope I don't come across as being argumentative!

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