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    agparrot wrote:
    I went shiny-gold-carbon-special over the weekend, and I'm really enjoying the CQ stuff.

    The guns I've unlocked so far are great, and I hope that each future expansion pack has a set of them. The maps and modes are also fascinating, I thought I was going to hate Gun Master as it really focuses on that sort of individual ability to kill people that isn't really one of my strengths, but actually it's really nice to be able to play a CQ mode where somebody isn't C4-ing flags.

    I mean, I'm sure it's nice to rack up a load of kills by waiting for the little flag marker to move and detonating them, it just seems currently a little unbalanced, as about the only way you can counter it is to throw a grenade in, and it takes much longer to restock grenades than it does C4, and it relies on you being able to restock ammo, or being killed.

    I haven't really noticed any difference in the skill level of the players, despite it all being 'Premium' people with access to the shiny things. There are exactly the same number of idiots who don't give you health, or ammo, or notice when you are being shot at, or whole squads desperate to try and jump up to the top of something so they can snipe, even when your team doesn't have any flags. Not playing in a squad certainly highlights how stupid some people are. Playing in a squad on the new maps actually seems to slow down the frantic nature just a little bit, as a touch of planning, forethought, squad balancing and the combination of people shooting in the same direction makes the same difference as it always has done in Battlefield.
    So you caved in!
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