#8807834, By mur07 Battlefield 3 - Gaming/online chats times (pew pew)

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    It wasn't frustrating at all. One of my squadmates (Asphalt I think) became the greatest spawn point ever, hidden behind a counter near B on Bazaar and letting me get straight back to being M320'd by Psychokitten. I intend to buy CQ next week, so I'll be doing exactly the same thing soon.

    As for the chopper - I've done that FAR too many times to ever get annoyed with someone else doing it.


    IIRC someone was shooting at me from the building near C when your little robot chum rolled up. I couldn't figure out why my health kept going down as I fled into cover. Imagine my horror as the killcam showed you lying on the floor with your Gameboy...

    That spot you were in near C looks perfect for EOD kills, as you can zip it around the corner and catch people firing from the top of the stairs towards B unawares from behind.
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