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    Controlling Johnny Five is a pain in the ass. Well it is if you try to do it like I did at first - in 1st person. If you switch to 3rd person the whole things is 100X easier.

    Getting a kill with the thing is a bitch if the circumstances aren't in your favor. I just waited until a Noshahr Canals round of TDM. Then I made my way up on the train tracks, lounged around in the sun and got a kill in no time. xXx_Kr4t05_420_QUICKSNIPE_xXx is always hanging around up there, helping the team, getting amazing hedshotz and generally being a hero....
    I know this, and my team-mates told me this, that I should just wait for a sniper, and in my heart of hearts I know this to be true, but I think I've just become obsessed with killing somebody with it now, to the detriment of the rest of my game.

    I shall try and show more balance and restraint next time I play.
    I feel your pain. I'm so stubborn some times with stuff in BF3. I'll try to use a certain gun just because the whim takes me and not because it suits what's happening at any one time.

    A perfect example of which was last night while playing some Close Quarters. I stupidly thought it'd be a good idea to use the M16 v's loads of Colonel 100 guys, playing recon, using PDW's and Shotguns. So not only did I have the motion mines to deal with but also One Hit Kills, high rates of fire and going up against people that either have no job or have invented time travel. Needless to say really, but things didn't go well... Then I switched to the PDW-R and things changed instantly. 4 or 5 rounds of getting battered, with me struggling to pull an even K/D, flipped to me getting in the top 3 and having a 3+ K/D from then on.

    I'm not sure it's a good or bad thing but in BF3, there's certainly a case of Square Pegs and Round Holes sometimes.

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