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    agparrot wrote:
    I've mostly played Conquest Domination, which is basically COD'd Domination mode, and Gun Master on the new maps. They are faster and more lively than your average Conquest game, but I was pleased that they aren't quite as frenetic as everyone seemed to make out at the start. You'd have to be particularly unlucky to keep spawning and dying *all* the time, as the random spawn points are well spaced out, and there isn't much opportunity for people to camp anywhere without being discovered and killed, or just risking being killed in the mobile carnage. Some people still try camping, of course, but as ever, if you are in a squad you can point out where these people are and explosives or focused fire can swiftly solve the problem.
    Does Conquest Domination play like Conquest or TDM more? Just I'm not a fan of TDM, mainly because you tend to spawn in the middle of a bunch of enemies and when you secure an area they can still spawn from any direction to get you. It doesn't have the same attack and defend feel of Conquest and feels a bit messy really. I prefer to be holding an area with some buddies or attacking/flanking an area, rather than just wandering around with enemies everywhere.
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