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    They should add a "rate" feature to a server. Sort by high ratings etc. I do spend at least 5 mins or so sifting through the shit servers and their bullshit rules. (Unless a favorite is populated)

    Then again some nights, I'll populate heavy rules servers just to go abuse the admin if he or she is online. I'm sick to the teeth of "No-base rape" - I'll do that if I like, it's punishment to a team being weak. No Shotguns/M320/SMAW - Don't like being killed by something which takes a bit more skill? Bless your heart.

    They should allow the admin to ban whatever weapons they like (un-selectable during load out) BUT doing so will result in a server becoming Un-Ranked or something.

    Surely it's not that hard to whip a feature like that into Server Rental tools.

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