#8896329, By DugBriderider Battlefield 3 - Gaming/online chats times (pew pew)

  • DugBriderider 30 Jul 2012 12:02:53 801 posts
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    Yup there are two, the other is the Monkey/Eurogamer server which mixes things up a bit more and is more likely to have a mod running the show it.

    Tried to mic up but I don't think it was working. Your mic appeared to be constantly on and broadcasting but I couldn't hear that either, keep an eye the mic icon on the squad menu, if your constant broadcasting it can get annoying for other squad members as the main game effects turn down and we listen to the background sound of your room instead (but that didn't seem to be happening to you last night) most people will quickly leave a squad if that's happening.
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