#9042985, By mur07 Battlefield 3 - Gaming/online chats times (pew pew)

  • mur07 30 Sep 2012 14:28:42 187 posts
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    Hate to think what AK/CQ or TS is like on PC. Mayhem.

    During a 1000 ticket TS game on Xbox my tank was flying 500ft through the air after hitting any crater near the capture point, and the dreaded Bad Luck kept popping up in my own spawn for simply running towards a tank.

    AK CQ is slightly dull, loving AK in Rush though...the Gunship is so unbalanced that it brings back "good" BFBC memories of your entire squad cowering in a building away from airborne death.

    Rush on Armored Shield as a defender is so genuinely unfair that actually winning gets the old Battlefield buzz back on.
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