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    stephenb wrote:
    This expansion is the best since the re-imagined Karkand imo. Maps are big but not too big so us console monkeys should be happy. Epicentre is a particular stand out for me the sheer verticality and multi tiered fighting is great fun. Plus aftershocks! Not sure about destructability yet, you still get the standard rectangle 2 floored buildings that have been in every level. The big skyscrapers damage seems to be just limited to the fronts of the building like Sienne crossing

    Scavenger mode feels like close quarters but with the utter madness turned down. The levels being a bit more open make it feel less like the meat grinder that Ziba Tower can be.
    Also it's quite easy to acquire a weapon in scavenger they're quite prolific and have different levels of value. E.g a level 3 weapon might have an ACOG and a laser fitted, a level 1 will be a bog standard with no attachments.
    I did notice that the higher level guns have fixed points so once people know where they are they will be making for them straight away.

    The crossbow feels well balanced, I've only had the standard bolt one and any shot from the waist up aiming down the scope is an instant kill. Firing it from the hip seems to be ineffective so I guess that's the trade off.

    All in all loving my BF again. This will keep me off blops2 for a while. The difference in graphical clout is quite pronounced when you come back to this. I love a bit of CoD but it looks bloody clunky compared to this.
    Nice mini-review. Looking forward to getting this as Premium on 360.
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