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    General_Ironfist wrote:
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    General_Ironfist wrote:
    Guys I just wanna say that im sorry (to a certain extent anyway), for the way that reacted to a few of you yesterday. I regret getting so angry & defensive. Its just I kinda lost it, you know. I let my emotions get the better of me.
    You see I had opened to you all/shared with you my thoughts/feelings, with you all in the mistaken belief that would empathise with me. But no one took the time to understand me, you were all continuing to be mean to me, and that angered me. Causing me to react the way I did towards some of you.

    So Im sorry if my posts were to much for some of you yesterday. You see my life at times is to much to bear. And my posts sometimes reflect that.

    PS. And just because I have emotional issues doesn't that im an emo. People need to stop grouping & labeling people.

    I can't remember, have you had a threesome?

    No I haven't. BUT as I said in an earlier post. You know, I do regulerly wish/have intense vivid fantasies/dreams about having one. And that If the oppurtunity ever came up to have MMM threesome, I would happily accept it. Because im all for trying group sex, it seems like it would be an amazing very pleasurable experience for all 3 guys.

    You'd only ruin it for the other two blokes by whinging on about your bloody feelings anyway.
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