#7612427, By Veracity What makes a game a day one purchase for you?

  • Veracity 26 Jun 2011 23:01:50 352 posts
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    Pre-release demo
    Pre-release discount*
    Cheap in the first place (15 or thereabouts max)
    No expectation of post-release DLC diarrhoea

    For anything launching at 30+, I can't get my head around the reasoning for early adoption. Not that it's a huge price difference, it just seems so wasteful.

    Pre-order bonuses and piecemeal DLC just confuse me - I'll wait for a goatse edition and potentially lose interest altogether. Presumably that ain't normal - if it were, publishers wouldn't still be doing those things.

    *Availability on gamersgate might qualify as a pre-release "discount" because of their loyalty card shenanigans.
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