#511382, By Pandora-Panorama So... how long till Microsoft's next OS?

  • Pandora-Panorama 14 Nov 2004 22:06:52 55 posts
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    tried it even before my last post, doesn't work. Do you have to be in a certain view to do it?

    @ silentbob

    silentbob wrote:
    Nope, just unwilling to respond to someone who is clearly unable to work the simplest components of an operating sytem.

    None of the problems you illustrated are inherent issues with the OS, or at least none that can't be customised away. All the rest were bad config and bad driver related (a problem on any OS) and the remaining was simply installing in the location you want in the first place.

    And you do realise that clippy is part of Office yes, and not only that but the thing is easily turned off?

    No brainers really, and not worth a response.

    heh ... 'clearly unable' --- were did I say this? (Other than the printer problem?) What I mentioned were bad design issues. They make it harder to do certain things but not impossible.
    Of course, you can customize them away, but that costs time. Maybe you have plenty of it, or maybe you like to spend time on doing things that SHOULD NOT require additional work. I don't, and OS X is very compatible to my tastes in this regard.

    yawn ... nevermind.
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