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    So basically you'd rather plough through the 'endless clicks' becoming more and more irritated wasting more of your valuable time (that you can't spare) than try to solve the issue? Nice! Doesn't sound pigheaded at all that. :)

    yawn again. read what I said in the post but don't read something into it. Try to solve what issue, please?

    I assume, in which case, that you don't customise the Mac OS in any way either? All your icons default position? Same toolbar layout? No shortcuts? That's the level of customising I'm talking about

    Ok ... i'll give you thirty clicks. Then the problems i have with XP will be gone ... foreever? ... rechecking page 3 ... Wow, that could change my live. I'm listening.

    /not yawning anymore

    edit: here's the list ... for your convenience.

    Once a month, i have to run SpyBot and Adaware etc.... without it just gets sooo slow. And this is although we're setting behind a firewall that blocks almost all possible ports. I already had to remove four trojans as well.

    However, i could live with that. But user experience... the number of clicks I need to do everyday tasks is so much higher on XP. Add to this the confusion about what right-click and left-click does ... particularly when changing system settings ... it's a mess. Of course one can learn all this, but it takes ages to memorize. And I simply don't have the time for this. In OS X there are the System Preference, all options are clearly marked, and you don't have to click through a series of obscure windows just to change a little bit of your systems behavior.

    Something else: why doesn't XP allow me to place my programs were i want them to be ... after I installed them. No problem in OS X ... in XP my application folder is just a mess.

    Un-installing programs --- you have to run an un-installer. And even then, it's pretty much up to chance whether everything is gone. In OS X, just move the program to the trash bin.

    Setting up printers: in OS X, or work printer is accessible with all features from the start, just a few clicks. In XP i can't duplex print after half a year although i had help from the techies ... that's just silly.
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