#512679, By Pandora-Panorama So... how long till Microsoft's next OS?

  • Pandora-Panorama 15 Nov 2004 17:54:25 55 posts
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    ah, now I get it, silentbob. You mean I can reduce the number of clicks by customizing. Okey dokey. I know that --- and have already done so (despite your impression I'm not completely incapable of the simplest OS operations). I assumed that such basic customizing procedures could be taken for granted. Heh, I didn't think you took me as this dumb, but i guess it was good for your ego... ;-) And still, after having customized OS X and XP, I still need less clicks - or less time to access a particular item - in OS X. Sorry.

    For you the problem is you are unwilling to learn the basics of an OS

    Again, don't read something into my post that I didn't write. What I find is that XP has so many specifics... I prefer Apple's "less is more" approach. And I also don't have a particular problem that I would need a solution for (other than Duplex printing). XP works fine ... i like it even ... but not as smoothly as OS X.

    Adding a printer - if it HASN'T already detected it (which it will): Start -> Settings -> Printers and Faxes. And then click Add Printer. Phew!! Toughy that one!

    hrmph! reading is not your strongest asset, huh? Reread my first post. All that has been tried, even with the help of the techies, and it still doesn't work.

    You know, your posts nicely illustrate my problems with Windows. If something doesn't work, it's because of the dumbness of the user, but never a problem of the OS. IMHO, good interface design takes a dumb user into account (but not via patronizing assistants). And this is exactly the reason why i highly doubt that Windows will one day emulate the user experience of the Mac.
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