#512824, By Pandora-Panorama So... how long till Microsoft's next OS?

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    Khanivor wrote:
    So can we say that the near monopoly that MS has in the OS market was gifted to them by their main rival deciding it was more important to retain control over hardware sales?

    hmmm ... generally people seem to agree on that, yes.

    And can we also stop the XP is so flaky because MS are always playing catch-up to Apple's superior feature implementation, as we are now agreed that Apple's strength comes from the total monopoly they have over the hardware their OS runs on?

    hehehe. It's certainly ONE of their strenghts, i'd agree. But their are other design decisions to be made... Also, note that they don't have total control of the hardware. You can replace graphics cards, hard drives and whatever, you know?

    @ silentbob: still looking for the substance beneath the insults... lets go back. You said:

    If they address the stability, the feature set and the user experience - the only thing left is the RISC hardware and the flashy cases. So I guess it comes down to disproving that Mac fans are not just obsessed with image and do in fact believe that owning a Mac will make their computer use more pleasurable.

    I tried to explain why, for me, using the Mac is indeed more pleasurable. For instance by mentioning that OS X gets in the way less. Ah, then, a hint of substance of silentbob:

    BTW Are we counting in seconds here? In which case what is the problem? You're funny!

    An OS that gets less in the way of work IS more pleasurable. You don't agree? That being said, seconds is an okay measure ... after all, a few seconds are irritating and do interrupt the workflow. But maybe a superior mind like yours is only concerned with interruptions in the hour timescale. Well, so be it. Then, for you, of course, Microsoft has completely caught up with apple on the user experience front. But believe me, if this is what MS means with user experience, Apple does not need to worry a tiny bit.

    But after having the stability issue pulled out from under your feet, you desperately grasp for problems with an interface that doesn't fit you like a glove from the get go.

    Desparately? Let' see... some of the Problems you failed to address:
    - security (adds greatly to the user experience)
    - needing less clicks/time under OS X to access my items (not only control panels, don't know why you want it to restrict to control panels --- i surely didn't restrict it in that way)
    - confusing structure - for instance in the system settings - of XP
    - customize program locations after the install: You said, i would have to think of a structure before installing all my programs. Why should I do this? Because, again, the XP requires me to do so? OS X does not, and I like that, because - again - the OS gets less in the way (hint: the latter is more pleasurable). What, for instance, when I want to change my structure at some point? Or when i get so many programs that i realize that i finally NEED a structure?

    By the way, you claim not to have the time, it's amazing how much customising you could have done in the time it's taken you to respond to my posts. ;P

    Ok, I admit it. I even hate it if my OS comes in the way of fun. Hard to grasp? btw, did i say that the problems persist even after customization? Yes!

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