#513093, By Pandora-Panorama So... how long till Microsoft's next OS?

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    You added 'of a certain category', convenient. All icons of the same flavour will act the same way from user input under XP, it's not random. No, really.
    Why 'convenient'? I would not want a control panel to react like an application and an application like a document. That's all I meant with 'category'. But if it's so well designed, then please explain the behaviour of the Network connection icon. Where's the logic?

    Installers are often, and actually most of the time, third party software. What this means for your argument is that auto-folder settings already there when you go through a program-install is not the fault of the XP kernel or any of its sub-systems, but actually the fault of a piece of software that any old Harry customised for his own pleasure.
    Ah, an obvious but very weak argument. OS X apparently anticipated this problem that arises from third party software and provided me with a convenient way of dealing with it. XP does not.

    Yep, that's it for now. Your other points were design-decision based bickery, which I really can't see a reason to bother commenting on.

    All of these features save time and prevent major interruptions in the workflow. I employ them every day a number of times and I do dearly miss them on XP. Desing-decision based bickery? Hardly.

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