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    kururin wrote:
    So, you're saying you create shortcuts or aliases, for other files than say 'installed program files', that aren't by themselves inheretly movable due to their installed nature and will thus require you to make a shortcut to them for easier access.. but you actually create shortcuts to stuff like image and music files (as examples, but I hope you understand the distinction)? If yes, how very odd. You do realise that you can actually just MOVE these MOVABLE files to wherever you want them for easier access needs? Thus negating the need to actually have any kind of shortcut or alias pointing towards them.

    Yes i do. At anytime I have to work on a number of files that are part of larger projects. They are neatly put away in their proper places in the folder structure. If i need to access them for some time (say, a week), I put their aliases in a 'In Progress" folder. So I can work on them and do not disrupt the file structure. This has many advantages:
    - Nothing messes up the order if you forget to put your files back, or forget where they belong.
    - some programs expect these files to stay in the same position, so it would be much hassle to to move them around
    - etc.
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