#513111, By Pandora-Panorama So... how long till Microsoft's next OS?

  • Pandora-Panorama 16 Nov 2004 03:35:15 55 posts
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    silentbob wrote:
    PP, my apologies - I feel ashamed that I rambled in slang English in my last post. For what it's worth you speak bloody good english!
    Oh, thanks :-) Living in the UK for 6 months now.

    I'm not going to go into debunking the innacuracies of your description of XP as it's pointless. You can think in XP, it's just that you dream in OSX. Would this be a fair metaphor?
    Very well put. :-)

    The only point I wanted to make was that MS have made huge strides forward, and at the rate they are going they will start rivalling Apple in user experience - stability is sorted, now they can focus on features and interface.
    I agree and I hope they will (although it would hurt a little bit, heh). I'm actually looking forward to Longhorn quite a bit.

    The reason why these arguments always spring up is because the users of the different OS's fundamentally think in different ways. (...) So let's agree to think differently - you dream in OSX and I in Windows.

    That's actually quite a nice conclusion to this argument. I'm also a fan OSes (thanks to OS X). Five years ago I would not have imagined that i would ever look forward to a new OS version. And now I find that i read more about OSes then about games.
    I guess, we started off on the wrong foot. Still, it was nice sparring with you ;-) It even motivated me to customize XP a little bit more...

    Good night all
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