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    I'm 26 years old and I'm not a parent. I was smacked as a child and for the most part I always felt it was my parents way of pushing their frustrations on to me. I have told my parents what I think about thier take on child discipline is and all they can I say is "that's how my parents taught me when I was a child" so I really never forgave them for their inability/neglect to think about the consequences.

    I also frequently bullied my sister even though I actually had a timid personality as a child and I blame my parents for this. I think by being smacked for my wrong doings gave me the idea that hitting someone else is also an acceptable solution to my own problems.

    I've also thought about ways I would dscipline my own children if I had any and though currently I can't think of a situation where I would hit my own children I'm fairly certain there exists a situation that may require it. Simply teaching someone through the use of violence seems sensless to me especially your own children.

    Do this or don't do this and you will feel my wrath and anger doesn't leave a lasting impression in a childs mind. Because when a child grows up to a point where you cannot inflict violence on them and when they go to live on their own then the lesson you tried to teach them is left behind with their childhood.

    Even before you brought up this topic I already gave some thought about how I would raise my own children and the one thing I would definitely teach them is how to fight/defend themselves. Not hitting my children is something I can do on own but I can't protect them from school bullies and a violent bully can impart that mindset of "violence is an acceptable solution to your problems" So by teaching my kids how to fight (regardless of gender) may stop them from being bullies themselves and teach them how violence can be used in a positive way to protect people near and dear to them. I also hope it would teach them to be more self reliant and confident.

    I suppose it may sound like a warped way of thinking, but I've given it a lot of thought and the world can be dangerous place where not all problems can be solved with words and diplomacy especially with people less civilised than yourself.
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