#7640522, By M_of_the_sys Ps3 exclusives that you bought so far this year??

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    frød wrote:
    There is a seed of a vaguely interesting discussion here. Exclusives are generally overhyped games that would probably sink if they didn't have the mystical aura of exclusivity and the marketing, bundling and fanboy nonsense that rode along with them. Imagine for example if inFamous was a multiplatform game by Ubisoft, nobody would give a shit.

    There are plenty of exclusives that I would have played and loved if they were multiplatform as well. I wish they WERE multiplatform so others can enjoy them too.

    I see your point though. In a fanboy war, if a game is on your platform of choice and not the other, it's automatically good and gets a lot of hype. Works the other way too though, if a game is on the opposing platform of your fanboy agenda, it's automatically crap.

    Also, of course the Platform that hosts said exclusive are going to hype the shit out of it. "Look what you can buy on our platform and not our rival's!" I wouldn't expect anything less.
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