#7776067, By MrVengeance The last days of the DS.... anyone still interested?

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    FabricatedLunatic wrote:
    MrVengeance wrote:
    Am I right in thinking that Rune Factory 2 never made it to Europe?
    It did, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

    Wow! I can't believe that it made it to Europe! Cheers for that, I will have to get it some day for my DS collection, once I play through the first one.

    redcrayon wrote:


    A fourth Rune Factory? I think I'm about 3 hours into the first one so far...

    games tm magazine have a screen shot and a tiny write up about it this month.

    redcrayon wrote:
    And still no interest in Aliens: Infestation? I would have thought it was right up EG's street, retro, 2D-stylee Metroid/Contra gameplay etc.

    I'll probably pick it up at some point if its at a good price. I'm become quite stingy with buying DS gmaes recently, I don't know why it is, but I have seemingly no problem spending loads of 2D shooters on other formats! I suppose it because I have such a backlog on the DS I can't really justify spending much on the format right now.
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