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    Fuck sake. I said i'm not the national office of statistics of course there will be execeptions i'm saying what it's like for my year at my school. And the discrepancy is because of the self-fulfilling prophecy, that was continually countered by positive teachers in school and thus why i'm assuming a equal base for all students in my class.

    Educational achievement doesn't really have much to do with your teachers or you race. It's dictated by the general education level of your family and peers, as MD says.

    Of course, education level is often linked to social position and wealth. Furthermore, black kids tend to be from poorer backgrounds (in general) than white kids, so they would generally be surrounded by badly educated family and friends, but it's not implicitly linked to race.

    Which is why having a class based society is bad and we need to get rid of the monarchy and live in a progressive republic.

    You know, I'm a repbulican at heart, but really, the UK being a monarchy is really rather irrelevant to wether or not the UK is a class based society and how that affects the average educational outcome of different groups, ethnic or otherwise.

    I mean, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are monarchies. Do you see them as inhertently mor class based societies compared to the republics Switzerland, France and the US?
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