#7640106, By solidSnake04 Your best kill in multiplayer.

  • solidSnake04 5 Jul 2011 09:56:55 177 posts
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    COD 4, TDM on Downpour. Coming from Flag C side (if it was Domination), running out of bullets (but didnt know), moved towards B, I get flashbanged, I go prone, blind but still kill somebody, as I get up I run out of bullets and find 3 baddies right in front of me. I take on my pistol and nail the 3. Two were headshoted !!!

    Then I heard 3 big loud "OH MY GOD" from the guys I had murdered.

    My finest moment i COD.

    Other good moments where in COD 1 LAN, in Karentan. Completely dominating the house in free for all. No one would manage to come in no matter from what side. But that was a long time ago, me and my mates were all noobs back then :)
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