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    shamblemonkee wrote:
    this needs a counter-thread: most embarrassing death in multiplayer!

    That would be a much longer thread. One springs to mind:

    L4D, Blood Harvest, the crescendo event where you move the train car to knock down the bridge. We spend ages getting set up in the building nearby, re-arming, healing up, scavenging for petrol cans and gas cylinders.

    When everyone says they're ready, we trigger the horde.

    I throw a molatov that hits the window frame and sets fire to the building. I can still hear their screams. :(

    My best ever was on Counterstrike about 10 years ago, the first time I played it online having previously only played it over the office lan. Apparently, our office lan games were pretty hardcore, because the guys I was playing online were crap! Hiding in all the worst camping spots, and then accusing me of having wall hack because I knew they would be there. Seriously. Stop camping on the pipes outside the bomb room in de_prodigy. I instinctively round the corner with my gun pointing there.

    Anyhoo, we were still on de_prodigy, and I was the last terrorist standing vs. 7 CTs. I kill 2 guys, find the bomb, kill another guy, plant the bomb, sweep back and forward to kill two more as the timer runs down. As the beeper gets manic, I leg it with the last two CTs in hot pursuit. BOOOOM! Round won! I rule!

    And then came my best kill in multiplayer. I'm not done ruling.

    In the 3 or so seconds you get between the bomb going off and the round actually ending, I duck back round the corner and kill the two guys chasing me.

    I have never pwned (am I saying that right? 'pwned'?) a game in such a way since, and can't imagine I ever will again.
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