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    Well. I decided I was finished with eBay... but they weren't finished with me.

    Ever since the abolishment of bad feedback from sellers, I've had numerous nuisance bidders who bid on items, even outbid other people who actually want the item, then they hide behind a wall of silence with no payment forthcoming.

    It's a waste of people's time and they get away with it again and again with no repercussions since it's actually really difficult to pick up even one non-payment strike and they get three chances.

    My last lot of sales a few months ago, one guy doesn't pay, as usual I don't bother wasting my time getting on his case, I open a case in the resolution centre and forget about it with the expectation that when it's closed the transaction is removed along with it.

    That never happened, I don't know if eBay changed their system or something but now the case closes and I still owe them final value fees for an item that didn't actually sell. I've always disliked their automatic billing system it always works on the assumption that you've been paid when it would be a simple matter to check if no payment is recorded, they own PayPal after all, they've got eyes on the whole system.

    For a couple of months now I've been plagued with demands (in caps) for a payment for seller fees on a transaction that was never completed. I've had my account suspended, no problem I don't want to use it anymore.

    There's just the constant threats turning up in my email, I've lost count of the amount of messages I've sent to customer services explaining the situation and giving them the pertinent information to check. I suspect a human being never reads them, I get the same robot cut and paste message telling how I can make payment today no matter what I write.

    I could tell them I'm going to block all messages from eBay, and it seems nobody will ever read it. They'll just keep sending the same demand for money I don't owe them every two or three days.

    What an absolutely disgusting company, the only thing that sinks any lower is their abysmal customer service.
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