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  • hypoBla5t 9 Jan 2013 18:27:57 2,249 posts
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    Well, 'tis finished. Only took about 10 hours, I wouldn't say I'd rushed it but couldn't be arsed to obsessively sneak around looking for everything. Once I'd maxed out all the powers I could see myself using I stopped looking for runes etc. Got the good ending too which I was pleased about, started out as Mister Slashy-Slashy but became more merciful as time passed.

    To critique the game slightly:

    Was a bit gutted that the game moved away from the assassin simulator of the first few missions as the story became more revenge-betrayal based. Really enjoyed scoping out places, culminating in the fancy dress ball, felt like I was being tunnelled and focussed more in the last few missions and I felt as if I should play them in a more linear way. No biggie like!!
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