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    darkmorgado wrote:
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    Heavy Rain. It did sell but not enough. Every PS3 owner should own this seriously good gem.

    I thought it was terrible. The plot is a complete joke and commits the cardinal sin on making its big revelation reliant on retconning events into a previous scene and the gameplay just feels like one long QTA.

    Fahrenheit pissed all over it, which is saying something.

    Hear, hear. If a film had relied on such a plot device, it would have been rightly panned by critics and movie goers alike.

    I don't really know what to make of David Cage. I see him talk at conventions and I agree with absolutely everything he says with regard to the directions and risks people should be taking with video games, I just wish he'd hire a writer.

    Both of his last two games have been completely hamstrung by writing so utterly inept you wouldn't get away with it on a Roger Corman CGI creature feature.

    Top underappreciated gem: Overlord

    Cracking little game. Somehow in the sequel they managed to butcher the AI of your minions so it took forever to get them to pick up loot, and it became an absolute chore to play. Such a shame. It's incredible how a tiny feature like that can be absolutely integral to the gameplay experience.
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